How to Maintain a Good Impression

July 8, 2010 · Posted in Performing Well · Comment 

Your job interview has started. Now how do you sustain the good impression you hope you’ve started with?

It’s not all about giving perfect answers – your job interviewers are looking for more than just a few accurate responses. While you are thinking hard, and probably anxious about how you are doing, it’s very likely that your body will start to slump and your facial expression may show your worry.

So a key tip is to keep looking engaged by maintaining your poise throughout the job interview. That means keeping an alert, upright posture, leaning very slightly forward, and looking energised. Your body language is communicating all the time, whether you’re aware of it or not. And poise communicates that you are fully present and focused, which is always a desirable quality for an employee.

But there’s also a secret benefit to being poised: when your body feels poised, your mind does too. This tip isn’t just about appearance. You can actually get yourself feeling and thinking better just by keeping your body behaving as if that’s already true. Which will help you perform better in your interview answers. Try it out and practise when you next catch yourself slumped in front of the TV or in a long meeting.

Your first job interview mistake

July 8, 2010 · Posted in Preparation · Comment 

The first mistake most people make comes very early indeed – not realising that your interview starts as soon as you open the door to enter. And that might not even be the door to the interview room – sometimes the receptionist may later be asked how you behaved when your guard was down.

As you enter a room the people inside form an impression of you within two seconds. And that impression is confirmed and expanded in the first minute, maybe two minutes. By then your interviewers know, subconsciously, whether you seem the right kind of person. Whatever you say later on, you’ll find it hard to override their first impression when they saw you walking in.

So your entrance is really important. That includes your manner, your posture, your body language and facial expressions. It also includes your energy, your tone of voice, and your attitude.

Make sure you are already in the right frame of mind when you arrive, and each time you meet an interviewer. When you are waiting to be seen, stop focusing on your worries and start shining!