Peak Performance

Do you want a complete method to enjoy confidence, calm, and show strength throughout every step of the interview, preparation, and waiting room?

Do you want to excel, and quickly progress in your career by succeeding at interviews, making a great and convincing impact, and inspiring confidence in your abilities?

The Peak Performance programme covers every aspect of all the keys to feeling supremely confident all the way through, being your natural and best self, winning your interviewers over, and being the answer to their dreams. It also includes your Success Story, body language, and everything covered by the Success Story and Interview Impact programmes. The Peak Performance programme also has options to address choosing your ideal job, making a great first impression at your new job, and stepping up to your full potential.

If you have a very tight deadline for just one interview, and don’t anticipate future interviews, and don’t want thorough help with overcoming all obstacles to your success, including confidence, fluency, handling questions, gaining rapport and making a great first impression, then look at the Interview Impact or Success Story programmes.

Peak Performance is for you if you want to invest in the skills you need to ace not just your next interview but all future interviews, and accelerate your progress through your whole career by sailing through interviews and encounters with anyone who you may need to make an impact on.

This programme will have an effect on your performance in the job that you get offered, and in your general style of management, leadership,and personal fulfilment, since the skills, which are all focused on interviews, have such a profound effect that you’ll want to use them in many other areas of your life.

This programme will help you overcome instinctive habits that are sabotaging your success, (and giving interviewers second thoughts that can hold them back from making you the job offer.) This programme continues until you have mastered your psychology, behaviour, communication of your value, body language, and all the benefits from the previous two programmes. You get twelve sessions over 3 months (or a period to suit you), ensuring you build new robust skills and habits, and have time to uncover all your hidden obstacles and really master the strategies to overcome them.

You will build full confidence, address every important factor of interviews, develop a coherent body language and essential factors for guiding you to pick the right jobs to apply for, by distilling your unique strengths. You’ll get debriefing sessions to make sure you learn the most from interviews regardless of the job offer. You’ll get coaching support for settling into your new job, so that you make an excellent impression – making the right impact on your new boss and colleagues.

This package is for you if you anticipate pursuing an ambitious path where you will need to succeed at a number of interviews over just a few years.

It’s also for you if you feel that interviews are a substantial handicap for you, that you’re never able to make your best impression due to various instinctive habits under the pressure of interviews that hold you back – e.g. nervousness, self-consciousness, mental blankness or confusion etc.

What will I get?

In a fast, enjoyable way you’ll get to the heart of what you can offer an employer, and have a neat, impactful way to communicate your value and experience, that you know you can deliver well in the interview.

  • The fast start and confidence of mastering your Success Story big picture
  • Know your most important brief anecdotes to use
  • Gives structure and sequence to your achievements, so you can put them in context, and take the conversation from any point to another with coherence and purpose
  • Shows origins, patterns/consistency, and turning points/breakthroughs
  • Illustrate and prove your unique strengths
    Includes your points about your fit to their required qualities
  • Distil your substance, express it cogently and concisely, and thereby have confidence to make an impact.
  • Sustained building of every aspect over three months
  • Valuable coaching in the first stages of your new job, should you start within the three months, so that you make a great impression on your boss and colleagues, and find your peak performance at work fast.

With your ongoing Peak Performance sessions you will:

  • Master direct techniques to instantly switch on or recapture inner confidence,  even during the interview
  • Deal with every obstacle that could undermine your ability to perform well
  • Distil your unique strengths and clarify your exact fit to the job requirements
  • Squeeze all the benefit from every stage and every aspect of the whole interview and preparation
  • Release your fears, and replace your worries with fun and effective inner practices
  • Get full debrief sessions after any multiple interviews, to keep and build your advantage
  • Develop your own best way to communicate and deliver fluently
  • Master a unique method to instantly turn from feeling judged to feeling in control
  • Master the crucial psychological way to make a great first impression that sticks
  • Improve your body language and poise when under stress
  • Develop an ability to create rapport and make a more personal impact that inspires trust and keeps you feeling more comfortable
  • Practice turning awkward questions around into opportunities to shine
  • Use practical techniques to make you actually feel successful and worthy, which give your interviewers confidence in you

In one fell swoop your Success Story is your way of getting everything straight, making a great impact, and engaging the interviewers’ imagination so that they can imagine you working in the company. It makes sense of you for them, so they can see how you would fit in. It integrates all of your most powerful and necessary material that you’ll need anyway, but in one easy-to-remember form.

Then the skills you’ll get of performing well in your interview will make sure that you can deliver this great impact and meaning, and feel and show full confidence and persuasive, fluent communication. You’ll never have felt this good in an interview.

Your ongoing sessions ensure that you can fully use all these skills even under pressure. You’ll uncover any hidden or subconscious habits or attitudes that may trip you up, and get direct psychological techniques to banish them in the moment. You’ll absolutely know the deep impact you have and therefore will be at maximum confidence and ease, fully able to show your full capabilities even if given unexpected interview tasks. And all these skills will also be just as practical to set you up for a storming start to your new job, and ongoing career success.

How do I do it?

Book yourself into Tim’s calendar. You can book a free chat first to make sure it’s for you, if you like. You’ll get:

  • A powerful set of techniques to master your attitude, intention, and expression, despite any nerves or unhelpful habits, that will position you as a successful candidate.
  • The experience of already being capable and compelling – it’s a great feeling! – so that you know you can do well in your interview.
  • A stimulating step-by-step workbook immediately, so that you can get focused and discovering gems from your experience that will help fashion your Success Story, even before our first session.
  • Four sessions per month for three months, of at least 90 minutes each (by phone, video Skype, or in-person if you’re local), working intensively with Tim to get your message clear, structured, memorable and impactful, and your attitude and instinctive behaviour serving you well.
  • More step-by-step actions between and after the sessions that will get you ready to face your interviewers with a great way to represent yourself as the best candidate.
  • Intriguing questions, visual exercises, and live rehearsals to give you fast, effective, personalise learning – while having fun!
  • An in-depth understanding of the hidden adventure of your career that you can use over and again in the future to persuade and impress.

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