Interview Impact

Anxious in interviews but a strong candidate?

Do you suspect your nervousness can ruin the good impression you deserve to make?

Or do you normally charm people easily but go to pieces when you feel judged?

The Interview Impact programme gives you powerful techniques to instantly feel true confidence, establish rapport, make sense and answer awkward questions. It also includes the potent Success Story programme to ensure you know exactly what to say to make the right impact. It’s right for you if you want a full and personalised grounding in interview skills and confidence.

If you anticipate further interviews, or want to build in solid skills that you can rely on now and for your whole career, or need more help with confidence, fluency, handling questions, gaining rapport and making a great first impression, you’ll want the Peak Performance programme.

Interviewers form an impression of you within two seconds of you entering the room, and all through the interview your manner of expression is constantly influencing them, no matter of what you say in your answers. Therefore you need to master your state of mind so that you are calm and confident. Also you need to master your body-language, so that you give out the right message. And you need to have access to your full enthusiasm and sense of self so that you’ll be able to give a clear, authentic picture of yourself, not just through your words but through your behaviour. What’s more your confidence will help you perform better, be more inspired in what you say, and make more sense.

Interviewers consider confidence a highly influential part of what they judge in an interview. So helping you to overcome your instinctive fear-based behaviour will make a real impact. And this programme includes the powerful Success Story process, so that you also have the perfect, impactful material to say.

This programme takes four sessions of at least 90 minutes each. Availability permitting, they can be scheduled in quick succession over anything from a few days, or spread up to four weeks.

Interview Impact also includes the one skill that makes the most difference to getting accepted as a viable candidate and achieving the right balance with your interviewers. And no, this is not NLP. This is unique and powerful – no one else is teaching this. It is powerful at enabling you to make the right impact and also helps you remain in the right psychological frame of mind to do your best.

What will I get?

Firstly you’ll get the Success Story programme in two sessions:

In a fast, enjoyable way you’ll get to the heart of what you can offer an employer, and have a neat, impactful way to communicate your value and experience, that you know you can deliver well in the interview.

Secondly, the rest of the Interview Impact programme in two more sessions:

You’ll get practical coaching in the personal and psychological skills of performing brilliantly under pressure, so that you feel and show full confidence and make the right impact to persuade your interviewers.

With the Success Story sessions you will:

  • Understand the power and use of your big picture
  • Know your most important brief anecdotes to use
  • Reveal structure and sequence to your achievements, so you can put them in context, and take the conversation from any point to another with coherence and purpose
  • Show the foundations and consistency of your abilities, and demonstrate the breakthroughs which prove them
  • Illustrate and prove your unique strengths
  • Include your convincing points about your fit to their required qualities
  • Distil your substance, express it cogently and concisely, and thereby have confidence to make an impact

With the remaining Interview Impact sessions you will:

  • Learn direct techniques to instantly switch on or recapture inner confidence,  even during the interview
  • Deal with the key obstacles that can undermine your ability to perform well
  • Discover your own best way to communicate and deliver fluently
  • Get a unique method to instantly turn from feeling judged to feeling in control
  • Discover the crucial psychological way to make a great first impression that sticks
  • Find out how to create rapport and make a more personal impact that inspires trust and keeps you feeling more comfortable
  • Practice turning awkward questions around into opportunities to shine
  • Get practical techniques to make you actually feel successful and worthy, which give your interviewers confidence in you

In one fell swoop your success story is your way of getting everything straight, making a great impact, and engaging the interviewers’ imagination so that they can imagine you working in the company. It makes sense of you for them, so they can see how you would fit in. It integrates all of your most powerful and necessary material that you’ll need anyway, but in one easy-to-remember form.

Then the skills you’ll get of performing well in your interview will make sure that you can deliver this great impact and meaning, and feel and show full confidence and persuasive, fluent communication. You’ll never have felt this good in an interview.

How do I do it?

Book yourself into Tim’s calendar. You’ll get:

  • A powerful set of techniques to master your attitude, intention, and expression, despite any nerves or unhelpful habits, that will position you as a successful candidate.
  • The experience of already being capable and compelling – it’s a great feeling! – so that you know you can do well in your interview.
  • A stimulating step-by-step workbook immediately, so that you can get focused and discovering gems from your experience that will help fashion your Success Story, even before our first session.
  • Four sessions of at least 90 minutes each (by phone, video Skype, or in-person if you’re local), working intensively with Tim to get your message clear, structured, memorable and impactful, and your attitude and instinctive behaviour serving you well.
  • More step-by-step actions between and after the sessions that will get you ready to face your interviewers with a great way to represent yourself as the best candidate.
  • Intriguing questions, visual exercises, and live rehearsals to give you fast, effective, personalised learning – while having fun!
  • An in-depth understanding of the hidden adventure of your career that you can use over and again in the future to persuade and impress.

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