I’m Tim Sheppard, and I’ve been on a mission to deliver intense fun and deep learning to people for many years. I love showing people how quickly they can unlock abilities they didn’t know they had, and drastically expand their ideas of how far and how positively they can progress in life and career through authentic expression.

In 2007 I designed, and trained trainers in, an innovative, intensiveĀ  full process for a national career charity, to get clients very quickly ableĀ  to express themselves effectively and fluently in interview.

My full coaching clients have had a 100% success rate with getting the dream job they’ve been interviewed for. I can’t guarantee a job offer for everyone, but I can guarantee greatly improved chances for getting any suitable job.

I’ve trained many hundreds of people in confidence, live communication skills, and authenticity, since 1990. In 2005 I became a certified coach and worked with clients to craft their communication strategy and master their psychology.

I’m an expert in the oral art of storytelling, and have found that the skills and psychology of directly relating to people can work magic in every field. I was a circus performer all around Europe and was privileged also to be taught intensive performance skills by some of Europe’s top cutting-edge improvisational teachers, and I now use playful methods and exercises to help my clients sidestep their fears and release their inner attitude that gets results fast and… the fun way!